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One of the oldest traditions related to the wedding ceremony is the launch of rice to the spouses. 

Riso Allegro wants to be the natural evolution of this auspicious gesture is founded with its typical explosion of colors, a touch of originality and class to enhance the joy of one of the most important moments of life!

Riso Allegro is found in elegant and practical cases ideal for storing in the ladies' handbags and in the pockets of the invited gentlemen.

Riso Allegro comes with a standard monochromatic color range from: tiffany blue, yellow, green, fuchsia, red, lilac, orange, blue, from the classic white as well as the classic mixed version but cleaned of the annoying starch. 

Riso Allegro unlike the common rice, besides not containing starch by means of a patented coloring process, it DOES NOT STAIN the clothes! Each box contains 220g of rice.

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